Pathways to 2025

Pathways to 2025

What is so special about the year 2025? At Planet2025 Network we consider 2025 not only to be a useful benchmark, but also a necessary turning point in history, when solutions to systemic problems, societal transformation, concious development, and lifestyle changes around the globe  will be taking hold. The combined effect will start reducing humanity’s footprint to sustainable levels.

In other words, we see the period leading up to the year 2012, and beyond to 2025, as a window of opportunity (or tipping point) for new cross cultural values, norms, standards, and innovative solutions. Together, they will enable the transformation to a globally sustainable lifestyle and realize an exciting and common future for all global citizens.

Fast Change: Did you know?

Planning the future through the rear view mirror? This is a particularly bad idea when societal change is increasingly rapid, systemic, and unprecented in its possible scope (just think about the implications of global financial turmoil, population trends, climate change, natural disasters, health pandemics, deforestation, water scarcity, mass migrations, terrorism, conflict, and war). Foresight, hope, and vision are key to adequately prepare yourself for the future as it emerges.

More and more people and organizations are talking about 2025 as a significant milestone event for sensing or making sense of the future. Check the following books and publications to learn more about what the future may have in store.